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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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RT @vigilant1one: Security Tip: Trust your gut! If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. #instincts #gut #intuition #safety #sec…
@BestBuy calling the Atlanta Hammond Drive store for a week. No return calls from the car audio install dept or manager. #doyoucarebestbuy
@BestBuy Problems continue! Left 3 messages w/ur car audio install dept. No one return calls, or answers phone.. Best Buy Atlanta Hamond Dr.
How to hide on the internet after Congress drops privacy protections https://t.co/ajXIDGwUtN
Man charged after windows broken at main mosque, Islam centre | Install https://t.co/mbpABa3ckB @OttawaCitizen
Windows of Five Vehicles Broken, Items Stolen. Install https://t.co/DCJ4LcGV7N glass protection film to prevent car break-ins @Emissourian
Home Invaders Swipe Man's Classic Cadillac | https://t.co/IHKcNzCyWQ Prevent home invasion Stop home invasion @ https://t.co/803rGi12JU
Security Tip: Don't announce you're not home on you're answering machine greeting. Burglars call homes prior to breaking in. #securityfacts
Preventing Home Invasions & Door kick ins https://t.co/GZBWZFs2ED Add your name to the VIP waiting list today. @locksmiths
@josgarvin I think your followers would love https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s #stophomeinvaders
Is Your Driver A Criminal? More than 8,000 Uber and Lyft drivers fail background check https://t.co/AZEJ8K6H7s @uber @lyft
VehicleGARD | Do It Yourself Glass Protection Film Kits by ShatterGARD | https://t.co/DVR2a7O1Gn #protectyourvehicle
OnGARD Solar Powered SMART Dummy Camera | Prevent Home Invasions. Tested & Certified By Global Security Experts https://t.co/w9DpR5Ec7I
Brightest Outdoor Motion Detection Security Light In the World https://t.co/deoaBfjpep
Glass Protection Film Kits by BurglarGARD | Security Window Film Kits https://t.co/cet2G4fvef #protectyourfamily
@BestBuy Worst phone in customer service I've ever dealt w in my life. Impossible to get a human on the phone. Back to Amazon! @amazon
NYPD busts massive NYC drug ring involving heroin Etc. | https://t.co/HnzQ1h4b8I https://t.co/heuZlvsYTe #thankyouNYPD @nypd
There are no words to express my anger. Men Shipped Dog to JFK Airport W/ $1 Million of Heroin inside. https://t.co/3LozjBik6A #doglovers
Home invasion gone wrong, or did it?!? What do you? Resident kills one suspect. | https://t.co/SoXNOQ7wuW #ongardsecuritydoorbrace
Lifesaving Home Invasion Tips from #jordanfrankel https://t.co/XcfBlUsO03 @KimKardashian
Are You Living a Nightmare? Home Security and Safety Advice for Women Victimized by Stalking https://t.co/RfmmUhNpKk @KimKardashian
Protecting Your Home From Break-ins https://t.co/cjMSN1jG1l @KimKardashian #Homeinvasionprevention
Eyes in the sky help York cops nab four suspected home invaders | https://t.co/MOAFHci6io #Homeinvasionprevention #OnGARDsecuritydoorbrace
Herbalife! Count the lawsuits over the past years. Stay Away KK https://t.co/JpaI4FZCSg @KimKardashian
zero help! Gate staff state they have no control over Temp. I was basically ignored. I will be uploading video to my 80000 followers
@AmericanAir Elderly people are over heating @ LaGuardia domestic Term C. Lower the temp before someone falls seriously ill. #healthscare