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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Featured in USA Today's Modern Wellness Section For Home Invasion Prevention. More tips @ https://t.co/KBaMFZjrdn https://t.co/ZIbBpp57x0
Mediaplanet & Jordan Frankel Open the Door to Security Through "Home Safety & Security" Campaign https://t.co/sBK5CaWB8r
Protecting Your Family from a Violent Home Invasion - Modern Wellness Guide https://t.co/9gQ3QwvklH
Come on people at least lock your doors! Two suspects overpower victim in home invasion. #homeinvasiontips https://t.co/FDySPzxbQB
Third Home Invasion In Green Bay. Don`t Be A Target - Simple Ways To Protect Your`re F... https://t.co/qgky5hMFuH https://t.co/uL1GMjBp25
PLEASE PLEASE reinforce your basement doors and windows. Violent SW Atlanta home invasion | https://t.co/wi7PgCmlPT #homeinvasionprevention
Protecting Your Family from a Violent Home Invasion by Jordan Frankel| As seen in USA Today https://t.co/9gQ3QwvklH #homeinvasionprevention
Family beaten in home invasion in Atlanta mayor’s neighborhood. | https://t.co/btT1k5q2J3 https://t.co/wmrxPZsU3x #homeinvasionprevention
Homeowners Open Door for Strangers. Police searching for home invaders | https://t.co/ffSjFtK6q3 #homeinvasionprevention
The OnGARD door prevents Home Invasions & Door kick ins. Get on the waiting list now! https://t.co/baoWteTCEr #homeinvasionprevention
South Korea: Mom, 3 kids fall from burning building US troops catch the falling children https://t.co/F4iIoJ3znp https://t.co/ntOjv0p0Fr
What your Locksmith might not tell You | https://t.co/VBkaYRlqDF #ongarddoorbrace is award winning home protection. #securitysensei
Robbers force way into apartment, kill victim's dog, put victim in its cage, police say | #Protectyourpet https://t.co/LH7lhIesdn
Third Home Invasion In Green Bay. Don`t Be A Target - Simple Ways To Protect Your`re F... https://t.co/qgky5hMFuH https://t.co/mzQnOMEfVF
Securing doors from burglars for less than $1.00 -https://t.co/nPJuTZwO3w. Don't forget to replace the hinge screws w/ 3 inch screws.
Prince - The Breakdown (2014) - MusicPlayOn https://t.co/kNGyY7hnLo #goodmorningfromprince
Home Security Expert, Jordan Frankel, Commonly Known as the Security Sensei, Offers Expertise to the Media https://t.co/n5Yin6gWsG
I donated an autographed guitar signed by the Eagles that raised $7000.00 for Partnership Against Domestic Violence https://t.co/NWaUnwMzhM
Apartment and Condo Security Tips by The Security Sensei https://t.co/EiVt5vggnf #homesecuritytips
Police report home invasion on campus | find college campus safety tips at https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX https://t.co/pcQ3EWBIMp
@thesafetychick long time to hear Kathleen. Hope you're doing well @SecuritySensei_
Elderly man who fought off home invaders was given a helping hand to keep him safe | https://t.co/1TNAVq32fo #homeinvasionprevention