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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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@KPMemberService How about building an urgent care center somewhere in or around 30342. It's one of the biggest c… https://t.co/2S1VeCLbZl
Talk about fake news!! Nice try @NRA | Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" After Denying Question Ab… https://t.co/VslJ4ia2yW
School shootings: US students invent survival tools https://t.co/YogMh0aVP6 #ongardsecuritydoorbrace
Man Destroys AR-15 Over School Shootings to Support Gun Control - https://t.co/Ckz8Rq7fyH #securitysensei
@WhirlpoolCare Gotta love the standardized reply! Sad how u treat a customer
@WhirlpoolCare Rude rude rude social media customer rep on phone today. Popping gum in my ear and unbelievably rude… https://t.co/K0YOFYOFP8
@JeffBezos So Amazon now controls my business by automatically authorizing customer returns with or without my cons… https://t.co/95vHHuob4T
Thank you @NRA Florida school shooter obtained 10 rifles in last year or so. RIP https://t.co/EAAVpWhOXR
@WhirlpoolCare @whirlpoolusa Today makes the sixth visit to my home to repair my $3500.00 dollar oven under warrant… https://t.co/FTwHCSYxjM
@whirlpoolusa Today makes the sixth visit to my home to repair my $3500.00 dollar oven under warranty. Do you value… https://t.co/F2DjmxcGHs
What is a Home Invasion? https://t.co/ZWv8vnxHyO #ongardsecuritydoorbrace #homeinvasionprevention
Watch a robbery go horribly wrong. Rumor on the streets is ShatterGARD is responsible for thwarting the crime. https://t.co/kRWCUPKy9K
@zmodo Thank you! Do you produce optional swivel bases for your outdoor 1080P cameras. Unfortunately I just reali… https://t.co/Unbpt2ZLzY
Why doesn't Zmodo manufacture an outdoor 1080P cam with audio?? Seems very strange!?! @zmodo
This following person keeps spamming my firm v.reyes@celayix.com @Celayix @fcc.gov @ftc
Home Invasions are very real and should be taken seriously. Find fantastic home security tips… https://t.co/kuBVLebo5i
Secret Service: How hackers pose as ATM repairmen, steal cash Secret Service: How hackers pose as ATM repairmen, st… https://t.co/OnllsX7Pum
RT @RogueWarriorsTC: AIKIDO - The way that DOESN't work! - Original Series Episode 2: https://t.co/Gfpmwng8Fv via @YouTube
@owlcameras If and when you approve upon the side exterior views.. I will then mentioning to my global clients. Unf… https://t.co/xi4C5qD55y
@owlcameras Where might I view this particular footage?
Does the cam have the ability to record exterior video of the vehicle both on the driver and passenger side. Ie: po… https://t.co/ejzauvT9kC
See Inside: 'America's Safest House' https://t.co/aqJIHluFb6 #securitysensei #homesecurity
@Level5SG Stop it before it starts! Great, but I don't see a link or description on how to stop it before it starts… https://t.co/Y8uGyvIaMy